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Final papers can be submitted by mail (3 copies with a copy of the cover sheet to the address of the Department CuB Examination Committee). The postmark serves as proof that the deadline has been met. If this is not possible, electronic submission is possible, if possible in pdf form with a signed declaration of independence integrated into the paper or scanned in separately by e-mail to the e-mail address of the examination committee and the lecturer. In this case, the date of receipt of the e-mail by the examination committee is valid as proof that the deadline has been met. In the case of electronic transmission, the paper version must be submitted in triplicate.

Reports of practical modules and research projects can be submitted in electronic form or in paper form (postal delivery) to the supervisor. Here, students should only use this addressee.

Requests for the extension of deadlines for the submission of theses (Bachelor's and Master's) must be sent informally to the e-mail address of the examination board of the department with a copy to the advisor as soon as possible. Depending on the justified interruption period, a corresponding deadline extension will be granted or a disadvantage-free return and redefinition of the topic will be made possible. In the case of delays in practical modules and research projects, it is sufficient to inform the supervisor.

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Information from the Examination Committee on the start of Bachelor and Master studies

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