hda research group

Laser diagnostics and data analysis for flow processes, micro- and nanotechnology

The aim of the research group is to specifically use laser diagnostic techniques to investigate preferably in-situ chemical and physical processes on the length scale of micro- and nanometers.

To this end, an interdisciplinary research group from chemical engineering, physical chemistry, mechanical engineering and mathematics combines expertise in the fields of miniaturized apparatus and reaction engineering (micro process engineering), synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles (nanotechnology), laser optical diagnostics and numerical image and measurement data processing as well as statistics. Basic as well as application-oriented theses and research projects are currently being worked on together.

The research group is embedded in the research center "Materials and Process Engineering" of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and currently consists of members of the departments of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Engineering as well as Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Participating working groups

Statistics & Adaptive Optimization(Prof. Dr. Sebastian Döhler)

Nanotechnology (Prof. Dr. C. Graf)