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Responsible for the content:

Prof. Dr. Ralph Stengler

IT-Services of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt


Data protection/inventory and usage data:

Whenever an Internet file is requested, the following access data is stored at IT Services and Applications:

  • the page from which the file was requested,
  • the name of the file accessed
  • the date and time of the request
  • the amount of data transferred,
  • the access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.),
  • the description of the type of web browser or operating system used,
  • the IP address of the requesting computer
  • as well as the user name (if a visitor logs in via user name and password) and cookies.

Usage: The stored data is required solely for technical or statistical purposes; it is not compared with other data files or even passed on to third parties, even in excerpts. Cookies or JAVA applets may be used in the information offered by the state government. The use of these functionalities can be switched off by the respective user through settings of the browser program.
The logged data is deleted after the access data has been evaluated. The evaluation takes place monthly and annually, the deletion takes place in January of the following year.
In the Internet offer of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to enter personal or study-related data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) when placing orders, subscribing to newsletters, responding and participating in discussion forums. The use of the offered services on the part of the user is expressly on a voluntary basis.
Orders for publications are forwarded automatically (if they are placed via the corresponding order lists on the website) or at the user's instigation. After completion of the order, the data will be destroyed.

General information on data protection can be found on the web pages of the Hessian Data Protection Commissioner

The law on theuse of telemedia (Telemediengesetz - TMG) as well as on data protection in telemedia can be found at
Federal Ministry of Justice.

Note on all links on these Internet pages
In its decision of May 12, 1998 (Az 312 O 85/98), the Regional Court of Hamburg ruled that the authors of Internet pages may be jointly responsible for the content of the linked pages by including a programmed link. According to the Regional Court of Hamburg, this can only be avoided if the authors expressly distance themselves from the content that can possibly be accessed through the links. The Hessian Ministry of Science and Art has links to other sites on the Internet on various pages of this homepage.

The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences therefore expressly distances itself from all linked page content. It also points out that it not only has no influence whatsoever on the design and content of the linked pages of other providers, but may not even be aware of any content that may have been subsequently included. Please inform the university immediately if you have reached pages via our links whose contents appear questionable to you. This declaration applies to all links included on these pages.

Legal and technical information
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences has created this website and all links contained therein to the best of its knowledge. It makes every effort to ensure that these Internet pages are correct and up to date. However, all information and links are intended as general information only and are not to be understood as business, legal or other consulting services. Laws and other regulations are only valid and apply in accordance with their most recent version published in the relevant official promulgation organ (in particular the Law and Ordinance Gazette for the State of Hesse).

Errors may occurduring the digitization of data. The use of different Internet browsers and individual software settings may result in deviations in the presentation of the content.

Picture credits and copyrights: Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences expressly draws attention to the obligation to observe copyrights. It is prohibited to download image material (logo, photos, graphics) from the university's pages for further use without further agreement with the h_da. Excluded from this are all download offers marked as such.

Legal status and representation of the university
According to § 1 para. 1 HHG (Hessian Higher Education Act of 14.12.2009 GVBL. I. p. 666), the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is a public corporation with legal capacity and at the same time a state institution.

Legal representative:
The President Professor Dr. Ralph Stengler

Information on mattersconcerning the external representation of the university can be obtained from:
Peter Reuß
Tel.: 06151-16-38004
E-Mail: Peter Reuß

This imprint also applies to the Facebook page


Online editorial office:
Michael Caspar

Technical operations:
IT services and applications