Student Council

Dear fellow students,

This is the website area of the student council of the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology (FB CuB). The content is created by the active student council.

  • Who is the (active) student council?

    Fachschaft means all students of a department. The active Fachschaft are students from the Fachschaft who are involved in the organization of celebrations and events around the department. In most cases, however, the term Fachschaft is used only briefly. The Fachschaft CuB meets weekly to discuss upcoming topics, such as the planning of the annual summer or Christmas party. In addition, many members of the student council are represented in the various committees of the department.

  • How can you participate?

    Every student of the FB CuB is welcome to join us. The weekly meetings are informal and take place in our own student council room in a sociable atmosphere. If you would like to get to know us better and are interested in our work, you are welcome to come to one of our meetings and watch the session.

  • Where can I get documents about lectures?

    On Moodle( lecture notes and accompanying materials for lectures and courses are officially provided by the lecturers. The student council has its own "course" there (course: Fachschaft CuB) in which it provides supplementary lecture-relevant documents. The access is first done by logging into Moodle with your own H-Da student account. To access the course you will need the course password. Please ask a member of the student council for the password.



Postal address
Student council
Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology
Stephanstraße 7
64295 Darmstadt

Monday 19:00
B15 R 3.14, 3.OG
(meetings take place as needed)

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